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Danish Custard Blueberry

Tasty blueberry with custard sauce

Danish Croissant

Special formula croissant, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside

Danish Coconut Boroh

A pineapple shaped Danish bun with coconut milk butter filling

Boroh Cream Danish

A pineapple shaped Danish bun with milk butter filling topped with sliced almonds

Danish Hot Dog

A traditional Danish bread with a hot dog

Sweet Butter Layer Bread

Tasty layered better bread

Danish Ham

Multi layer pastry with ham and parsley garlic butter on top

Boroh Danish

A crispy pineapple shaped Danish bun with a delightful savoury taste

Danish Coconut Roll

Coconut flavour danish roll

Danish Custard Apple

Traditional danish bread with custard sauce and apple

Hawaiian Danish

Danish bread with ham on top which creates a nice savoury taste

Maple Sugar Crossant

Mini Maple Sugar Crossant

Coffee Mochi Redbean Boroh

Redbean filling with soft mochi inside the coffee Danish dough with a crispy crust

Mochi Pumpkin Custard

Pumpkin custard filling with soft mochi filled in a Danish dough with a crispy crust

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