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Milk Pudding

A traditional Japanese style soft bread with custard filling

Shredded Cheese

Toasted bread, smeared with special cheese and milk cream paste, with a hint of toffee flavour

Grilled Hawaiian

Ham pizza and pineapple melting cheese in every bite, it is a sensational new flavour

Sultana Twist

Sweet roll mix with sultanas, with a spread of custard sugar on top

Asuki Pan

A traditional sweet soft dough with a specially made red bean filling

Fried Prawn Bun

Soft bread sith crunchy fried prawn

Shallot Pork Floss

Soft bread rolls up with pork sung and shallots


Garlic bread with ham and cheese

Shallot Bread

Soft bread with shallots

Chocolate Snow Milky

The fresh bread using the Australian made premium milk and chocolate sauce

Pork Sung Bun

A soft bread filled with mayonnaise and pork sung on top

Mini Boroh Bun (2pc)

The mini version of the traditional pineapple shaped bun, delicious as usual

Three Bros

Soft bread roll with shallots, cheese and ham, three joys in one

85c Sandwich

White toast with ham and cheese

Cheese Dog

Tasty soft roll with a hot dog smothered in cheese for that extra punch

Cheese Sticks

Soft sweet dough covered with shredded cheese. New delicious flavour for all cheese lovers

Egg Tart

Traditional egg tart

Garlic Cheese Stick

Fresh Soft bread topped with garlic paste and tasty premium cheese mix

Ham Cheese Ring

Soft bread rolled up with pork floss and ham on top

Shallot Floss Bread

Creamy bread with shallot and floss

Taiwanese Donut

Taiwanese traditional soft bread donut

Taro Twist

This sweet bread dough with taro filling, with sliced almond on top

Caesar Roll

Bread roll with bacon, ham, cheese, cabbage and croutons on the top

White Lover

Soft puff pastry with cream

Garlic Hot Dog

Soft bread rolled up with a hot dog and flavoured with garlic butter on top

Coconut Milk Bread

Sweet soft dough with raisin, shredded coconut and butter biscuit fillings

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