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Cocoa Garden

A rich chocolate cake filling with sweet & black cherry, layered with flaked chocolate. Topped with fresh seasonal strawberry, a warm and rich taste that will melt your heart.

Colorful Waltz

Vanilla sponge cake with vanilla brulee and strawberry mousse, topped with a hint of icing sugar, the perfect gift for your perfect other.

Mango Cheese

Sour cream and cheese cake with a hint of mango flavoured cheese fillings, definitely as creamy and delicate as can be.

Classic Tiramisu

The combination of supreme cheese and aromatic coffee flavour with a hint of bitter sweet cocoa powder, makes it a perfect delicate dessert.

Taro Fantasy

Taro flavour sponge cake layered up with taro paste fillings and taro flavour cream. Taro mania? Totally!

Naughty Bear

A cute bear appearance, this chocolate cake is bounded with milk brulee, chocolate cream and cherry, ideal for any kid’s birthday.

The Santa’s Ruby

Chocolate sponge cake base, with fresh cream fillings, topped off with strawberry and blueberry

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